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Modern Family She Crazy (TV-PG) Phil builds a habitat for the duck eggs and convinces Lily to help him hatch them; Claire is anxious about telling Jay and his team about her ideas for closets.
Live PD: Police Patrol Live PD: Police Patrol #158 (TV-14) A welfare check for a struggling person is carried out by police in Washington; a man struggles to avoid being placed under arrest after he is stopped.
Live PD: Police Patrol Live PD: Police Patrol #150 (TV-14) A conflict in Indiana leads to the deployment of a S.W.A.T. team; officers in South Carolina launch a gun bust; a domestic violence case arises in Illinois.
Chicago P.D. A War Zone (TV-14) The discovery of a college student's body with a backpack filled with deadly drugs leads investigators to a series of dealers in a college smuggling ring.
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Becker Limits and Boundaries (TV-PG) Becker, who isn't child-oriented, finds himself saddled with his HIV patient M.J. and his younger sister, which turns into an overnight adventure for all.
Designing Women There She Is (TV-PG) During preparation for Charlene's baby shower, the Sugarbakers women are surprised by a visit from the Director of Pageants for Miss Georgia.
Designing Women The Girlfriend (TV-PG) Anthony gets a new girlfriend which leads to the ladies of the shop disapproving of her; Mary Jo reluctantly agrees to hire Anthony and his friends for a job.
Murphy Brown I'm As Much of a Man as I Ever Was (HD, TV-PG) Murphy starts jogging with the president to prove she can still do her job despite her pregnancy but when she can't keep up she buys a bike and runs him over.
Murphy Brown Male Call (HD, TV-PG) Murphy, Miles, Frank and Jim attend a seminar of a new men's movement so Murphy can interview the leader.
It's a Living The Howie Show (TV-PG) A group of waitresses working at a fancy restaurant in a Los Angeles skyscraper deal with customers, the restaurant's pianist, and their no-nonsense boss.
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