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I Dream of Jeannie One Jeannie Beats Four of a Kind (TV-G) Dr. Bellows, Gen. Schaeffer, Roger and Tony play poker with a politician, who is really a card sharp planning to make a big score, but Jeannie turns the tables.
Bewitched How Not To Lose Your Head to Henry VIII, Part 2 (TV-G) Darrin's attempts to keep Samantha from marrying Henry VIII are met with considerable difficulty as a result of her continued amnesia.
The Jack Benny Program Lunch Counter Murder (TV-G) Jack is the manager of a roadside burger stand, but it get taken over my a gang of tough criminals, led by a scar-faced crook who prefers the taste of sardines.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Triple Surprise Party (TV-G) George doesn't want Gracie to ruin Harry Mortons birthday party, so he tells her they're throwing a party for Ronnie; mix-ups about the party.
The Joey Bishop Show Must the Show Go On? (TV-G) Mrs. Barnes hosts a talent show as a fundraiser, but even after getting Joey involved, it may not be enough to help when an influx of participants line up.
McHale's Navy McHale's Floating Harem (TV-PG) Captain Binghamton sends McHale and his crew to rescue a Sultan and his three daughters, one of whom sneaks away with Virgil for a romantic getaway.
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