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Person of Interest Beta (HD, TV-14) Decima realizes that in order to find Finch they will use his closest associates and begin using Samaritan's gathered information to track down Reese and Shaw.
Anger Management Charlie and Kate's Dirty Pictures (HD, TV-14) Charlie is surprised to find that he has become jealous of the possibility that Kate has found a new man in her life, so he has one of his patients spy on her.
Anger Management Charlie and the Break Up Coach (HD, TV-14) Charlie becomes the coach of a high school basketball team, and he decides to get some help from his father, but the two Goodsons are unable to work together.
Person of Interest A House Divided (HD, TV-14) When a mysterious entity prohibits The Machine from developing a whole visual, the team is forced to piece together the complete picture on their own.

The Partridge Family All in the Family (TV-G) When Reuben's shy nephew comes to visit, he reveals he wants to be a comic, so Shirley invites him to test out his jokes at the club.
The Johnny Carson Show Johnny Carson welcomes a variety of special guests, including popular artists and entertainers, who take part in comedy, music, dance, skits and monologues.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Gracie and George Hear a Burglar (TV-G) George hears a noise in the night and thinks somebody is trying to break in, and he goes out to investigate; the noise turns out to be innocent.
McHale's Navy Pumpkin Takes Over (TV-PG) A surprise visit from Binghamton's wife has McHale and Parker scrambling to conceal the fact Admiral Rogers thinks he's married to a pretty young nurse.
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